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Find usable, authoritative information on thousands of medications. Just type the name of the medication - or its Drug Identification Number - in the search box or select the first letter of your medication from the drop down.
Find out about the following:
  • how your medication works
  • the right way to take it
  • when you shouldn't take it
  • possible side effects
  • what drugs shouldn't be taken together and
  • more

To use the library, just type the drug name (or part of the name) in the box above and click GO. Or search alphabetically - click on a letter to find all of the drug names beginning with that letter.

Uncertain about brand names and common names?

All medications have both common (generic) and brand names. The brand name is the name under which a specific manufacturer markets a product (For example, Tylenol®). The common (generic) name is the standard name of the medicine (in the same example, acetaminophen). The label on your medicine will state the brand name, common name, or both. You can search our Drug Library using either the common name or the brand name.

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