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3372 Plummer Ave., New Waterford, NS

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Black Diamond Pharmacy (NW)
3372 Plummer Ave., New Waterford, NS B1H 1Y7

Our Pharmacy Services

Health Management

Manage your health with the help and support of your pharmacist. Ask your pharmacist for help treating or managing your health condition.

Medication Organization

Keep your medications better organized with help from your pharmacist. They may be able to package your prescription medications in a blister pack or another organizational solution.

Medication Organization

Better understand your prescription medication with help from your pharmacist. They can review your medications with you and explore any side effects, possible interactions with other medications, and more.

Medication Take Back

Are you unsure of how to safely dispose of medication? Bring your unused and expired medication to your local RxHealthMed pharmacy, where a member of the pharmacy team can properly dispose of it.

Prescription Refills

Speak with your pharmacist about prescription refills and find a method that best suits your lifestyle.

Dietitian & Nutrition

Is your prescription due for a renewal? Speak with your pharmacist to see if they can renew it for you. With help from your pharmacy team, you can avoid an interruption with your prescription medication.

Prescription Transfer

Are you changing pharmacies? The pharmacy team at your new location can help you to transfer prescriptions from your previous pharmacy.
* By law, not all prescription medications can be transferred between pharmacies.

Vaccinations & Immunizations

Protect your health with the appropriate vaccinations and immunizations. Speak with the experienced and certified pharmacists about immunizations, travel vaccinations and other medications.
* Some vaccinations and immunizations may not be available at your local pharmacy.

In-Store Programs

Medication Search

Look up your medication
for more information.

Medical Conditions

Find information on medical conditions in our library.

Natural Products

Natural Health Products Library powered by MediResource™.

Community Support

Find helpful resources and support that are close to home.