Speak with a pharmacist about your general health and prescription medications.

Consult Your Pharmacist

Feel confident when caring for yourself or a loved one. Speak with your local pharmacist to learn more about your prescription medication and make more informed decisions regarding your health.

Prescription Consultations

Learn everything you need to know about your prescription medication.

As an expert in medication, your pharmacist can help you to better understand and manage your prescription medications and over-the-counter products. Your local pharmacist is there to provide you with a personalized experience and unconditional support. Your health is always their top priority.

Ask Your Pharmacist Anything

What are the side effects of the medication I am taking?
If a prescription medication has side effects, it can be helpful to know about them beforehand. This can help you to prepare yourself for how to manage adverse effects (side effects).
Should I avoid anything while taking this medication?
It’s important that you prioritize safety while taking a prescription medication. You may have to avoid certain activities, beverages, and other drugs or medications to ensure effectiveness and your overall health (e.g. drug interactions or food interactions such as grapefruit and certain antibiotics or cholesterol meds).
Do you have advice for how I take this medication?

Your local pharmacist is a medication expert. They can provide you with additional advice on how to take your medication. For example, to take it at a certain time of day or with food.

Your Health is Important

Personalized care when you need it most.

As health care leaders within your community, the team of pharmacists at your local RxHealthMed have a commitment to your best health. We strive to create a genuine relationship with every customer, learning their names and understanding their stories.

The next time you have a question or general inquiry about your health, visit your local pharmacy and ask to speak with the pharmacist.

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